Global donations and reactions

I have received over one hundred donations so far, from around the world. Brazil, United States, UK, Germany, South Africa, Indonesia and so on. And of course Sweden.
Thank you for all the emails and tweets. Great talking to you!

A lot of international media has written about it.

The Daily Dot had this nice picture with it's article, that also appeared in Business Insider.

Tanaya Macheel interviewed me for CoinDesk.

“It’s a campaign in my county but the funding is worldwide. That says something about the world that we’re living in and even more about the future.”

The Local wrote an article that was picked up by the Independent in the UK.

The Russian website, RT.com also writes about it.

Also a lot of Bitcoin websites has spread the news.

I haven't promoted this in Sweden yet (but will start doint that today), but it has found it's way into Internetworld, who interviewed me and this was picked up by TT.

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