Fint beröm i Economist

The Economist är utan tvekan den bästa tidning jag läst och en av världens mest respekterade.

I veckans nummer skriver de om Sverige, "North star":
"ANNUAL growth as high as 6.4% in the first quarter. Unemployment falling fast. The budget in surplus this year. Public debt heading to below 40% of GDP. How did the Swedes do it?

Without dumping the generous Swedish social model, the government has tweaked it in the direction of lower taxes and smaller welfare benefits.

The results have been spectacular. After long being a case study in jobless growth (except in the bloated public sector), Sweden has become a big creator of private-sector jobs."

Economists omdöme om Håkan Juholt? "Lacklustre". Betyder: "lacking brilliance or vitality"

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